Millionnaires are buying gold

2012 has been a very active year for gold investors. The unstable economy and Obama re-election confirmed that precious metals such as gold and silver were the right type of investment for savvy investors.

Gold used to be reserved for elite investors, but the birth of various online gold dealers have made it a more accessible investment even for the beginner investors. While billionnaires kept on investing, newbie investors have jumped on the bandwagon and started buying gold EFTs and converting part of their IRA and 401k accounts to gold holdings.

Smart Investment

Buying gold has proven to be a safe investment strategy for decades. The price of gold withstood the test of time and kept rising even through economic turmoil and recessions. Paper currency, real estate and stocks are very unstable right now and have brought negative ROI to many investors nationwide. Why take the risk and invest in something that will give you headaches and ruin your savings? Real estate used to be a safe type of investment, but it no longer is. Real Estate markets have crashed in various areas of the country.

What is the best way to buy gold today?

According to wealth advisors, converting your 401k to a Gold IRA is the best way to own gold today. That way you do not have to actually own physical gold and store it in your home, which causes many safety issues. Rolling over part of your IRA to gold seems to be one of the smartest and safest ways to invest in gold. Check out the below video for more details:

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